A Hay to Remember

So this past weekend was a whirl wind of activity at the farm.  Friday morning my hay guy ( for those who have horses … the one who owns rights to your first born …. ) contacted me with the ever important “hay is ready” phone call.  EEP

Texts and emails were flying from my phone… all hands on deck!!! I don’t think I quiet stooped to begging but there was a promise of fun, pizza and pop.  Before long I had a list of WONDERFUL students, parents and staff lined up to help with the over 1000 bales that were expected.

For those not familiar with the work involved in recieving hay let me tell ya it is not so easy…. The hay arrives in large baskets about 200 per.  Each bale weighs between 25 and 35 pounds and you have to move each off the trailer,

(this is just one of 5 we did )

Put them on the elevator and stack them about 6 high in the loft.  Have you ever tried to throw 35 pounds of scratchiness over your head multiple times??

lowering the elevator

We persevered through sneezes, blisters and hay scratches to finish all but 200 bales on Saturday ( YAY to the world’s best hay crew!!!!!)





we even managed to snap a few pics of a few (just a few) of the helpers smiles that day.











My love and thanks goes out to my Bluemoon Family!! I could not do it without you all.

Same time next year?????

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