Summer Camp 2016

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Things change…. and it’s ok

There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man. ~Winston Churchill


My grandmother was a strong and classy woman, she always held herself with grace and although I know she had seen more of the world and its trials then many, she never seemed to push her thoughts on anyone.  She had stood by my grandfather as he chased his dreams of horses and cattle and watched her children grow up on their backs.   I am sure that she knew more than most, being the one to patch the bruises to body, ego and heart, how hard, yet rewarding I life with horses could be.

I am reminded recently of a conversation I had as a child with my grandmother.   I was horse crazy from the get go and decided very early that my life would always be with this magnificent creatures.  My grandmother, being very wise and sensible started a discussion with me about the perhaps imprudent plans I had for my future.

“ I understand you love horses Allison but how will you make a living with them?”

In my young idealistic way I looked at her like she was asking a question with an obvious answer …. “ I will ride them and train them and teach others to do the same Grandma”

“ But riding is dangerous Allison what if you get hurt and can’t ride anymore?  You won’t have anything to fall back on… what will you do then?”

I did not miss a beat “ I will learn to drive a cart”

At this point realising that her message was not getting through to her young granddaughter she tried a stronger approach…. “What if you lose your sight or the use of your legs?”

I was not to be thwarted though  “ I will do what I can, teach my horse to be my eyes or legs, or get someone to drive for me! But my life will always be with horses Grandma”


I am reminded of this conversation that happened over 25 years ago now because it seems, I am learning to drive.  This change in my personal relationship with horses does not just have to do with ability and such but more to do with the evolution of our lives with horses.   Can I ride still?  Yes, but it seems at least for now I need to safe guard my ability to do other physical things in my life and business and a fall from my “crazy horse” would interfere with that greatly.  SOOOO   ….. what do I do?  Hand her over to someone else to train and love?  I DON’T THINK SO!!  I continue with the plan I always had, to create the strongest bond I could with my horsey soul mate.  I roll with the punches and think outside the box.  I teach tricks and have her pull tires and harrows in hopes that a sled will soon be in our future.  Will I rider her again??? I sure hope so but if not I will try not to mourn the evolution of our relationship.

You see, this time it is me that has hit a road block, perhaps next time it will be her.  Things will always change, rejig and evolve. When we make the choice to be with horses it means that I have to be open to these new chapters and changes. We will mourn when we need to and then find a new way to share these wonderful animals’ lives.

So is a life with horses.

My horse’s feet are as swift as rolling thunder
He carries me away from all my fears
And when the world threatens to fall asunder
His mane is there to wipe away my tears.
~Bonnie Lewis

A very good week

2 weeks ago I had one of the best weeks in a long time.  It was advanced camp.






We had an ode to the Olympics with a curriculum that included Dressage, Jumper and cross country.

8 wonderful campers in total run by myself and Jenna.  I believe it was a success all around, but the success of the camp is not what I wanted to blog about.

Just a few of the campers


Last April was Bluemoons 5th anniversary and we will have been at our current location for 5 years in September.  My journey with some of my students started 2 years before that when I began teaching for Heritage Farms in Jan of 2005.  My how time flies.


Bad broom






our air mattress was wonderful


I am blessed to be able to work with horses as my job but I was reminded strongly 2 weeks agothat I am also blessed to be part of so many lives and have had them be part of mine. I realized that many of the students in this camp started their riding with me as their coach or at least have been with me for a while now.

My students touch my life in so many ways.  They push me to be better, remind me to be honest.  They keep me on my toes and expect me to be true to myself.  They show me how to find laughter in hard places with silly songs and honest smiles.  They are not afraid of being genuine; They understand the power of words and sometimes even the power within themselves.  They are brave enough to have bon fires in the rain and show me that sleeping in the hayloft can be wondrous at any age!  They trust me to lead and are eager to learn.

more sleeping beauties






good morning

holy breakfast







They prove to me every day that if you teach them, and lead them and then TRUST them…..they will amaze you with what they can do!!

well done

Thank you Bluemoon students, you amaze me every day!


Horse Tricks

So last Saturday as events would have it, we found ourselves at the barn on a rainy day with a few hours free…. What do you do at the barn on a rainy Saturday afternoon with free time??? Well, if You are me, you teach your horse to stand on the mounting block.  Yes ON the mounting block.

Like a few of my parents, you may find yourself asking the common question of “why, Allison, why would you teach your horse that?” And that is a very good question, the answer to which is very simple.


Why Not?

I could say all of the logical reasons like…. If I can get her to step up on something like a mounting block then a trailer would also be easier.  Or, I could get her to hold a leg somewhere for the vet or the farrier and be trusting and patient.  Truth be told, I did it simply to see if I could.

Isis, my horse, is very smart but not overly trusting of people.  When I train her I make it a game or a problem that she has to solve.  There is no punishment for getting wrong but also no reward or payout.  She wants that reward very much so you can see her think though the training and the tricks.  It focuses her and builds a trust between us both that is hard to build any other way.

The fun thing about tricks is you are only limited by your imagination and  communication skills.  Remember to start small like teaching them to lift a foot for you to pick out without touching them  or to “sneak”  ( walk really really slowly) teach “back up” from any vantage point…. Can you sit on a chair and get your horse to back up? How about if you are behind them?

Just remember to have fun!!

Welcome to the team!!

Meet the newest Bluemoon team members

Jenna Holdum

Jenna has been riding with Bluemoon for 5 years and in that time has been an integral part of the team.  She has shown successfully now on the local circuit for over 2 years and shown wonderful progress in both her riding and teaching abilities.  We are sending Jenna off to university in the fall and know that she will thrive there as well but untill then we are happy to bring Jenna on as our 2012 summer camp Coach.  We are sure it will be a wonderful session!!










Sarah-Paige Deveau

Sarah-Paige has been a part of the Bluemoon family for just over 5 years now and in that time she has filled many roles; student, competitor, camp councillor, coach and friend.  We were happy to be part of her purchase of the aptly named “Spring Loaded”, her off the track thoroughbred mare and have been thrilled to watch the partnership grow and thrive.  She currently competes with her mare on the local trillium and ‘A’ circuits in the 3’ jumper division. 

Sarah-Paige will be entering her 3rd year at the University of Western this September where she is working towards her B.A with a double major in history and philosophy.  Law school is the plan on completion of her B.A. 

Sarah-Paige has been proud to represent Western as a member of the UWO equestrian club where she competes on their hunt seat equitation team.  . The team competes throughout the school term in Michigan as part of the U.S. IHSA circuit. Western is one of few Canadian schools to take part in this circuit and they are proud to represent Canada’s equestrianism. 

This spring and summer season We at Bluemoon are proud to bring Sarah-Paige on as part of our Show coaching and support team. She will be assisting Allison with local shows and occasionally representing Bluemoon coaching at shows in Allison absence. 

Welcome Home Sarah-Paige!!!